Two CU-1 viruses - the first type of virus encountered in Rez.

Viruses are the main enemies in Rez (also the species of the main character), while a unique, powerful virus is the central antagonist of Child of Eden.

In RezEdit

For a list of viruses in Rez, see Category:Viruses.

Throughout Rez, viruses serve as the main enemies, guarding the routes to the Firewalls that encase Eden's core. Swayzak is also a virus.

In Child of EdenEdit

In Child of Eden, Eden is infected with a virus that halts the integration of Lumi. This virus appears to be significantly more advanced than the viruses that appeared in Rez, as it is capable of heavily infecting five different archives. Fans have believed that this is also Swayzak, though it hasn't been confirmed.

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