Rez Infinite is a game developed by Monstars and published by Enhance Games, for the PlayStation 4. It was released on October 13th, 2016. It is a remastered edition of the original Rez, featuring new gameplay features, the incorporation of Virtual Reality, and enhanced audio and graphics.

Plot Edit

Just like the original Rez, this game is set sometime in the far future, where most of the world has become overpopulated by crime. As a result of all this, a new information center called the Project-K was created from what was once the Internet, with an omniscient AI named Eden located at the heart of the network. Using the information she gathers, Eden has formed unique, independent thoughts and developed a consciousness - world's first self-aware AI. Unfortunately, she and her firewalls and defense systems weren't ready for an attack by computer virus Swayzak, who, under delusions of grandeur, manages to corrupt the entire system. Eden becomes overwhelmed at the amount of information being sent to her and begins to doubt her existence and purpose; unable to fathom the paradoxes surrounding her, believing she has no place in the existential cycle, and realizing the power and autonomy she possesses, Eden decides there's no choice but to shut herself down. If she does this, nobody can access the information she holds. Swayzak, feeling mortified, must reveal the true being at Eden's core by invading the mainframe of the Project-K once again and battling the mainframe's defense systems.

Gameplay Edit

Same as the original. In Area X, the player controls Swayzak freely, as he is no longer limited to a sole direction.