An image of Project-K from the Rez game manual.

The Project-K Network is the universe-spanning super-network with 5 Areas in which Eden, an information network and artificial intelligence, resides. It is the setting of the 2001 rhythm action rail-shooter, Rez, and its 2011 prequel, Child of Eden.


Made in the 23rd Century, Lumi was integrated into the Project-K network as one of the many personalities that could be stored in there. Eden used these personalities to make her own independent thoughts. While the network was set up, a virus - as part of a self-proclaimed espionage mission - attacked the network and Project Lumi was temporally halted. Thankfully, the virus was purged from the system and the project continued.

Some time later, the now self-aware Eden was content with her day job of storing information when the virus, unofficially named Swayzak, infected the network yet again, this time in an attempt to prove he was powerful and have the whole world fear him. It made Eden go into self-doubt and shut herself down. However, in a rare moment of regret, Swayzak later returned to reboot Eden. Eden thanked him and began to develop a crush on him.

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