Lock-On Laser

The Lock-On Laser as seen in Rez HD.

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The Lock-On Laser as seen in Child of Eden.

The Lock-On Laser is the primary weapon of both Rez and Child of Eden, performing a very similar function in each. It is capable of locking onto up to eight targets at a time, then firing upon them sequentially when released.

In RezEdit

In Rez, the Lock-On Laser displays the amount of locked targets in the center of the reticle. The Lock-On Laser is the core weapon of this game, capable of destroying all targets.

In Child of EdenEdit

In Child of Eden, the Lock-On Laser displays locked targets around the reticle ring, filling it as they are locked. The Lock-On Laser is still the core weapon of Child of Eden, but the Tracer (a weaker, rapid fire weapon) is used for targets that the Lock-On Laser is incapable of purifying, such as projectiles or purple enemies.

Child of Eden also gives increasing score multipliers for each successive Octa-Lock (lock on eight targets) that is released in time with the music.